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Coffee Culture in Arab Countries: From Tradition to Innovation

Coffee Culture in Arab Countries_ From Tradition to Innovation

The Middle East and Gulf region has a market of between 4.5 and 5 million 60-kilogram bags. As the main hub for the region, Dubai has long been the trend setter for the region and at the center of any new development.
The first 3 Arab countries leading the list of coffee consumers (kg per capita) are: Lebanon, Algeria and Qatar, Egypt.

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Coffee Pods are Gaining Popularity in Southeast Asia


Besides the sachets of instant coffee – a section of coffee industry that is highly popular in Asia, another coffee segment seems to be gaining popularity in Southeast Asia: the coffee pods. The market for coffee pods in Asia is on the rise according to en.netralnews.com and channelnewsasia.com.

Though Asia is one of the world’s regions that still hold great potential for growth of coffee industry, [Sign in to continue]

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