Nestlé conquers Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan is a country where the weather remains warm 8 out of 12 months. Cold beverages thus hold maximum potential in the market. Hot beverage marketers usually wait till the month of October to begin their marketing campaigns, when the weather is expected to shift towards colder temperatures. End of February is the time when temperatures begin to rise up again.

The competitive coffee market in Pakistan is led by Nestlé, with its coffee brand named Nescafé.  Nestlé shared 55% of retail sales value in 2014.

Pakistan people usually drink coffee with milk, so called “Latte”, and in order to follow consumer prefer Nescafé Pakistan launched Chilled Latte in 2014. Its recipe claimed to be of Pakistani origin and Chilled latte is made available in a 200 ml tetrapack.

With a major shift in young generation lifestyle, coffee is now considered a trendy drink. To match up the current day lifestyle, Nestlé introduced NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto pods and coffee machines. The new coffee system was brought to Pakistan in November 2015.

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