HostMilano and Sic: an Eye on the Future

HostMilano eventThanks to the historic Sic – International Coffee Exhibition – show, HostMilano has for 40 editions now been the “home” of the Coffea seed and all of the worlds that revolve around it. A place where the entire industry travels from the four corners of the earth to come together – from growers to roasters and from coffee machine manufacturers to those in the vending market. But HostMilano also includes the “cup and spoon,” the entire concept of coffee shops and contract interior design as well as coffee-based deserts and recipes from starred chefs and bartenders that use this black powder to make one-of-a-kind creations.

The next edition, which is to take place from 20 October to 24 October 2017 at fieramilano Rho, is shaping up to be quite a success. In fact, 1,158 companies have already reserved a space a year out from the show, confirming this is to be an international show – 42% come from 44 different countries while 58% of these exhibitors will bring “Made in Italy” to the trade faire. The area that includes Coffee and Tea with coffee and vending machines, Bars and Gelato/Pastry, is one of the flagship areas, with the Bars section already seeing 70% of its space occupied.

The overlap with other industries will ensure exhibitors have business opportunities thanks to the dominant trend of the moment, which is “cross-pollination” among industries, with coffee corners more frequently offered inside supermarkets and clothing shops, and with coffee being almost a must-have as part of expanded offerings in gelaterias, pastry shops and bakeries.

Events in the name of coffee

HostMilano designSic has always meant business as well as high-level training, offering spectacular events with the best international baristas who will take part in competitions and demonstrations. The major industry associations taking part at HostMilano: Wce – World Coffee Events, Scae Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, Fipe, the Italian Federation of Public Concerns, and Altoga, the Association of Lombard Coffee Roasters, Coffee Importers and Wholesale Food Retailers

Altoga and Fipe will join Host 2017 to create an event that is entirely dedicated to the world of coffee in all of its various incarnations, including healthy and tasty options, starting with the green bean and moving on to toasting and grinding phases, to finish with tastings of the blends. The Coffee Science Hub from the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation will be a centre for scientific research inside HostMilano. Here visitors will be able to speak with researchers and use the laboratory tools provided in order to explore the secrets of coffee from an unusual perspective. Finally, at HostMilano, Scae Italia will present a document that will define the characteristics of the aromatic profile of Italian espresso – this is part of the research to be carried out by experts and associations that is to last a year and begin at the end of October.

As the result of the “Internet of Things,” the latest generation coffee machines, toasters and grinders are programmable and interactive. They allow even the least expert user to obtain good results, and allow the most sophisticated baristas to regulate pressure and temperature in order to get the best of the most refined blends. HostMilano has always been not just a show but a hub for trends and innovation, and thus it is to once again present the latest solutions. Those seen as being the most avant-garde (so advanced that they are ahead of industry trends or that are innovative in terms of functionality, sustainability and ethical implications) will get the much sought-after Smart Label, the recognition for innovation in professional hospitality promoted by Host – Fiera Milano.

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