Customer Experience: 5 steps to bring your HoReCa business back to Earth

Customer experience (indicated by the letters CX) has become one of the most important aspects of any chain and HoReCa operator: from coffee shops to restaurants, from retail to hotels, the market is so competitive that being different only in what you sell isn’t important enough. Service is the key factor to success when it comes to helping brands and businesses grow.

On the other hand, the HoReCa sector seems to be much more focused on increasing profits, faster growth, and better marketing results. Important factors for short-term strategy and fast-time growth sometimes involve risks that spell the end of the brand. Only a few players have already understood the importance of an integrated customer experience value chain and how to drive the results to increase their business.

The customer experience value chain describes eight activities companies should undertake to drive value through Customer Experience:

Is there life on Mars? The main misleading concept. Most companies, above all if they were established decades ago, think they know exactly how their business and customers work without taking note of how the world has changed. The first need is to get back in contact with their customers, designing their journey map, recognising the clustering difference, and listen to them as much as they can.

Are your customers aliens? Are you sure your customers are aligned with your brand? Designing a customer strategy means defining the key metrics to measure their experience.

Bring your strategy to Earth: After designing a customer-centric experience, are you sure you can bring it to your world? What are your tools or secrets to stay in contact with your customers? Okay, so you have 1 million followers, but do you know that social market followers live on Mars? You probably need a different system to talk to your customers.

Mars calls Earth:The best way to scale and systematically improve the experiences you deliver is by understanding how well you’re doing and using this data to improve. Nowadays there are plenty of systems to measure results but it’s not enough. You need to connect results to proper actions in a circle activity of measuring and acting, measuring and acting, etc.

Houston, do we have a problem? Well, “no” problem. There is no business without any problems and there is not a problem that cannot be solved if it’s faced on time. Put an emergency procedure in your circle strategy and it will help you deal with any problems just in time when you encounter an unsatisfied customer.

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