Month: August 2016

The Compak Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition and Conference

The Compak Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition and Conference

The Compak Golden Bean coffee roasters competition and conference will take place in North America this year. This networking and education event for roasters in Australia is being hosted for the second time in North America, at Castaway Portland, Oregon from 14th – 17th September 2016. The Compak Golden Bean aims at finding North America’s best coffee roasting business. More

Cameroon: Government Encourages Coffee Cultivation


Cameroon’s Minister of trade, Luc Magloire Atangana, has called on youths to be more involved in cocoa and coffee production. He made this call as he opened a two day forum by the Cocoa-Coffee Inter-professional Council (CCIC) aimed at revamping the cocoa and coffee sector. Dubbed the “New Generation”, the forum seeks to promote professional insertion of youths in the

Coffee Capsules Recycle: a Priority for Goverments and Companies


In an effort to fight waste and make better example for environmental friendly steps, the city of Hamburg has announced an all-out ban in the state-run buildings on pod coffee ( According to Jan Dube, spokesman of the Hamburg Department of the Environment and Energy, the capsules cannot be easily recycled because of the complexity of the packaging which consists

ICE proposes changes to London robusta coffee contract


Intercontinental Exchange Inc. has proposed changes to its robusta coffee contract, said people familiar with the matter. These changes are made in order to provide a level playing field for all buyers and sellers, Bloomberg reports. Traders bringing coffee from producing countries to be delivered against ICE’s London futures would have to pay the fee for removing the beans from

Winking in the Dark


One of the biggest dilemmas or even traps the Independent Coffee Shop owner faces is getting themselves away from the day to day operation. There can be many reasons for this, sometimes the overriding pride or passion leads the owners to believe that only they can serve the customers properly, resulting in that well know disease ‘presenteeism’. The symptoms are

Rwanda to Increase Coffee Production for Economic Growth


Rwanda is the second country after Kenya to export much of its coffee in the EAC Region. For this reason, the president of Coffee Exporters and Processors Association of Rwanda (CEPAR), Pierre Munyura Kamere, sees coffee as a key element to attain sustainable development, reports allAfrica. CEPAR, founded in 2010, has as aims to increase the production, promotion and marketing

Ecom coffee trading reaches $1.9 billion in Italy


Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. is expanding its business in Europe with a new office in Italy, as reported by Bloomberg. The world’s second-largest coffee trader just opened their office in Genoa, according to Guillaume Zbinden, Ecom’s southern Europe coffee manager. Also, the trader hired Davide Rocca from Louis Dreyfus Co. to lead the team in Italy, which is the third-largest coffee

Coffee Price Risks to Rise Up


A poll by Reuters on 11 traders and analysts showed a price increase across the board with arabica and robusta both experiencing harvest related problems. Weather conditions have affected coffee producers in many countries. Fortune reports the El Niño have affected growers in Asia, especially Vietnam. In Uganda, droughts in the south and south western regions are expected to reduce production.