Can I See You From Space-Or Even From Across The Road?

sign coffee vintageDriving into London last week we spotted what is a common sight. The Golden Arches of McDonald’s were shining brightly over a building site.

The A40 at Acton it seems has a new fast food restaurant.

The very first thing they did was to put up the sign. You see McDonald’s understand the importance of their sign, which is why it’s always as big as they can get away with.

If they had their way, you would be able to see their sign if you were standing on the moon without a telescope!

They are not arrogant to think that even though they are one of the world’s best know brands that people will somehow work out that they are opening a new unit in their neighbourhood without a little reminder.

Contrast that with so many of the fantastic independent coffee shops that we visit, whose potential guests are walking straight past because they have no idea that they are passing a little gem.

Sometimes their sign and branding is so discrete or lacking in contrast, a wood fret-cut sign on a wood background, that the potential walk-ins just walk-by.

Sometimes the sign has no mention of what they sell but is an ingenious pun that would be fitting in a Times crossword.

It’s no coincidence that the big brands have instantly recognisable signage, it attracts customers!

Have another look at your signage, not from the moon but just from across the road or 100 metres away. A clear recognisable sign will pay for itself many times over.

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