Month: July 2016

Coffee and gas stations: new investments in Belarus

According to the research conducted by A-100 gas station company, the amount of consumed coffee-to-go has doubled since July 2015. Company officials suggest that this increase is connected with the complicated economic situation – people need to stay focused, so they drink more coffee. Considering the consumption growth, the company has invested about $126,000 in equipment and coffee materials since May

Starbucks invests in Princi, the Italian boutique bakery


On Wednesday 13th July, Starbucks Corporation announced a financial investment and global licensing deal with Princi, the renowned Italian boutique bakery and café. Starbucks, Milan-based Angel Lab and Pekepan Investments, will focus on expanding the number of standalone Princi locations worldwide. In 2017 the corporation will open the first store in Seattle, and then they will open in Shanghai and

Russia Bans Coffee from Uganda


A ban on a range of vegetables, fruit, and flowers from Uganda was imposed by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance. The ban is aimed to fight contraband goods that might be shipped to Russia from Europe via African countries despite the sanctions. Earlier this year the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance banned reexport of certain

The Slow Growth Of Coffee Consuption In Poland

Coffee Consuption In Poland

The coffee culture came to Poland quite late – in the end of the 80s. Before that the only coffee you could find in the country was Robusta which was not easy to buy. After becoming a democratic republic, Poland got access to all varieties of coffee though it took time to catch up with the rest of Europe. Today Poland has joined the third wave of coffee [Sign in to continue]