Month: May 2017

Exploring Coffee and Cafe Culture in Portugal

Exploring Coffee and Cafe Culture in Portugal

Coffee culture is ingrained in the everyday life, culture and history of Portugal. The Portuguese were crucial actors in expanding the coffee industry into what it is today with Portuguese colonists introducing the coffee plant to Brazil. There isn’t space here to explore the rich history of Portuguese coffee culture, but I will write about this more at some point soon.

Drinking coffee in Portugal is an everyday part of life, with cafés found almost on every street, and espresso being the most common drink.  Coffee is significantly cheaper to drink out of the home, than it is in the UK. An espresso wouldn’t usually cost you more than € 1 and in most cases is closer to € 0.50. If you ask for a coffee (um café) an espresso is what you’d be served, although there are regional variations for different coffees too. If you were in Porto and wanted an espresso you’d order um bica, while in Lisbon you’d order um cimbalino (named after the La Cimbali espresso machines). [Sign in to continue]

Cameroon’s Festicoffee 2017 Promoted Local Consumption

Cameroon’s Festicoffee 2017 Promoted Local Consumption

According to Cameroon Tribune, the fifth edition of Cameroon’s National Cocoa and Coffee Board, NCCB, Festicoffee took place at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex with about 200 participants from different sectors of the industry in Cameroon. This year’s activities was based on the promotion of instant coffee as well as a show case of other coffee-based products. The event that

Lavazza buys Kicking Horse, leader in the organic and fair-trade sector


Italian coffee giant Lavazza has bought 80% of Canada’s Kicking Horse Coffee company, a Canadian leader in the organic and fair-trade sector, Ansa reported. Elana Rosenfeld, founder and CEO, will stay on as a CEO with 20% of shares. The acquisition, 215-million Canadian dollars,  would seek to valorise Kicking Horse’s brand equity as it has done with other recent acquisitions,

Cameroon Government Offers 2.5 Million Coffee Seedlings To Producers


According to Business in Cameroon, the government of Cameroon will offer about 2.5 million coffee seedlings to coffee farmers in the country. This initiative by the government was revealed by the Minister of Agriculture, Henri Eyébé Ayissi, when he was officially launching the 2017 cocoa and coffee season in Buea, the capital of the South West Region. According to the

Colombian Farmers to Boost Their Bean Production


Things are about to change for good-especially for the coffee farmers who already grow high quality Arabica Colombian coffee beans amidst of all the challenges in Colombia – says Colombia, already the world’s third-largest coffee grower, has been facing unrest within the country for the last 52 years. United States is among the largest buyer of Colombian coffee beans.