Algrano and Fairtrade Cooperation

algrano logoAccording to Daily Coffee News, since 2008, coffee has been traded digitally; today, anyone can check information shared via online media, helpful to roasters buying green coffee. New platforms take advantage of digital connectivity when sampling, sourcing, and buying green coffee.

At the World of Coffee event happening in Budapest, Simon Aebi, Business Development Manager at Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland, announced the partnership of company Algrano, famous for using technology to bridge the inherent communication gaps between producers and buyers thus making growers from Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala collaborate with, and selling their coffee to roasters located in seven countries across Europe, and Fairtrade Switzerland, with the aim to make it easier for Fairtrade producers to have a direct link with their buyers through digital buying platform,

Algano started using this digital buying platform two years ago, making it easy for coffee roasters and growers to know each other, interact, buy and sell green coffee. Algrano also helps the export and delivery of green coffees through their online marketplace. Producers can post information about themselves like farm information, coffee production, awards, and any other information they would like customers to know. This platform is continuously attracting more and more coffee producers and roasters who can easily communicate and cooperate through it. It provides buyers with information about the quality of farms and producers, the coffee’s statistics and samples which gives them possibility to choose the perfect coffee from numerous offers, and the most important thing is that costs throughout the sale, export and delivery are transparent to both parties. This platform was only for European buyers, and it was sometimes used for other markets, but now they are expanding it to 9000 growers represented by cooperatives in Costa Rica (Coopeagri), Honduras (COMSA), Colombia (Fundación Tayronaca), Peru (Cooparm), and Brazil (APAS).

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