Month: January 2018

Blockchain: How Power Relations in the Coffee Chain are Changing

Blockchain Coffee

The coffee bean is one of the world’s most valuable agricultural products from the tropics: it’s worth over $100 billion worldwide. The coffee chain is characterised by a huge difference between production and consumption: on one side we have 25 million small farmers producing 80% of the world’s total coffee supply, for less than $2 a day, on the other side we have the “Big Four” coffee roasting companies – Kraft, P&G, Sara Lee and Nestle – buying about 50% of the coffee produced worldwide. This make the relation between buyers and producers in the coffee chain [Sign in to continue]

Intergastra 2018: A World of Hospitality

Intergastra 2018

The world of hospitality – this is the claim by Intergastra 2018 , one of the most important European trade fairs for gastronomy, hotels and dedicated hosts. In 2016, the comprehensive exhibition programme across more than 100,000 square metres of exhibition space brought together just under 100,000 visitors and around 1,300 exhibitors from Germany and abroad. And the success story

London Coffee Shops Go Green and Get More Guests

London Coffee Shops Go Green and Get More Guests

An innovative new scheme that gets coffee shops new customers and promotes environmental awareness is launching in London in February 2018. When working with Coffee Shop and Cafes to get more customers one of the most successful strategies is using ‘joint ventures’ or cross promotions. By working with non-competitive businesses whose customers or staff are similar to yours you can soon

The Russian Coffee Market Showed Growth in 2017

The Russian Coffee Market Showed Growth in 2017

The Russian coffee market is still considerably young, and one of the reasons is that Russia is traditionally a tea drinking country. Still, due to the globalization process and coffee culture expansion, Russia is rapidly developing its taste for coffee and nearing European and American standards for coffee consumption. The year 2017 has become indicative in this aspect: coffee consumption has

What Will Be the Future of Hotel and Restaurant Start-Ups?

intergastra people coffee machine

Start-ups are booming and developing more visionary tools, products and services then ever before. Newcome, which will be staged for the second time as part of the European trade fair Intergastra 2018, will offer start-ups a platform to present their innovations for the hotel and restaurant industry. Covering a special area of more than 1,000 square metres, Newcome will provide

Why You Should Consider Renting a Coffee Machine

Renting a Coffee Machine

More than half of adults in America drinks coffee, with an average of 3.1 cups per day. Nowadays, Starbucks is on every street corner and many cafes offer coffee in takeaway cups for a small price. If you lack a coffee machine in your office, employees will defer from work to get their caffeine fix at one of their local coffee shops.

Every office needs to have a coffee machine to cater to every employee’s caffeine needs, and keep them from roaming out of the office. It is not only necessary to keep your coffee-drinking employees happy, it also is proven to increase productivity. Coffee has become indispensable in the workplace, but investing in a coffee machine can be quite expensive. [Sign in to continue]