Month: August 2017

Recycling Programmes: How Coffee Shops Engage in the Circular Economy


The phenomenal growth of coffee shops (in the UK, but also globally) has consequently meant a rise in energy consumption and the production of waste. It’s estimated that 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste is produced in the UK each year, and 7 million disposable coffee cups each day. It is estimated that less than 1% of these coffee cups are recycled. After the issue reached the mainstream media last year as part of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s ‘war on waste’ there have been many developments.

One of the most common ways in which coffee shops engage in the circular economy is [Sign in to continue]

The EtzMAX Grinder and The Etzinger Mechanism


According to, Christian Etzinger, an engineer from Austria, got the idea of designing a coffee grinder in which the inner burr remains fixed and a motor-driven ring burr spins around it, which is opposite to the norm of a stationary ring burr and motor-spun cone burr. After many years spent on developing the mechanism and working with Baratza, Etzinger has

Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker


According to, Cafelat is a manufacturer which designs various coffee accessories like milk pitchers, silicon gaskets and many others. This year, they are announcing a completely new, amazing Cafelat Robot. What makes this espresso making Robot unique is that it has a 1960s look, but it is based on 1950s technology. The Cafelat design is electronics-free, with a piston which

Experience and Passion for Giving Coffee Shop Start-Ups an Easy Way to Open Successfully

immagine video coffee shop

The first Coffee Shop Bootcamp will be held at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee’s brand new Campus in London over three days from 20th September 2017. It will cover everything from developing your niche to location, funding, property, design, suppliers, menu, people, marketing and profit maximisation. John Richardson is a best-selling author and coffee shop consultant. He is regularly featured on TV and in

Coffee Pods are Gaining Popularity in Southeast Asia


Besides the sachets of instant coffee – a section of coffee industry that is highly popular in Asia, another coffee segment seems to be gaining popularity in Southeast Asia: the coffee pods. The market for coffee pods in Asia is on the rise according to and

Though Asia is one of the world’s regions that still hold great potential for growth of coffee industry, [Sign in to continue]

Considering the ‘Coffice Economy’


This is a new piece of research which highlights another important function of café spaces – as places not only of co-working for independent workers, but as places where business and work takes place more generally.

The discount voucher website MyVoucherCodes has recently released some data which suggests that:

4/5 people in the UK have spent at least 3 ½ hours working from a coffee shop each week;
1/3 have closed a business deal (with an average value of [sign in to continue]

The World’s First Coffee Shop Bootcamp


Coffee Shop Start-Up Bootcamp is launched by John Richardson and Andrew & Claire Bowen (CoffeeBI’s Opinion Leaders) in association with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, to give Independent coffee shops the tools to fight the chains. John Richardson is a best-selling author and coffee shop consultant. He is regularly featured on TV and in the press. As well as running his own multimillion-pound business he has