Month: July 2017

The UK’s Top Coffee Shop Experts Launch the First Coffee Shop Bootcamp


John Richardson and Andrew & Claire Bowen (CoffeeBI’s Opinion Leaders) announced the launch of the world’s first Coffee Shop Bootcamp, in association with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. The first time that the three best-selling authors have worked together to bring together their knowledge, experience and passion for giving coffee shop start-ups an easy way to open successfully and be profitable. ‘This year alone

Coffee Price Rise in Serbia and in the World

Coffee Price Rise in Serbia and in the World

According to, Brazil and Vietnam are facing the decrease of coffee growth which will affect coffee prices in Serbia, as well as in the whole world. The market demand is in constant increase, Robusta deficit is compensated with the more expensive sort, which results in higher prices.

Coffee from international markets arrived in Serbia with [Sign in to continue]

5 Ways To Increase Your Reach On Facebook


Facebook can help you to turn fans into customers. This only works, though, if you manage to involve your fans, when done right. And I’m not only talking about getting Likes, Shares and Comments, but engaging and interacting with your online coffee community. Without the interaction of your fans, the Facebook algorithm will rank you lower and lower, your posts cannot be seen and your goal

Algrano and Fairtrade Cooperation


According to Daily Coffee News, since 2008, coffee has been traded digitally; today, anyone can check information shared via online media, helpful to roasters buying green coffee. New platforms take advantage of digital connectivity when sampling, sourcing, and buying green coffee. At the World of Coffee event happening in Budapest, Simon Aebi, Business Development Manager at Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland, announced

Ethiopia & Uganda To Witness Increase Coffee Production in 2017-18


Africa’s top two coffee growers, Uganda and Ethiopia, that accounts for more than 60 percent of coffee production in Africa, will produce 10.9m bags in 2017-8, reports a US Department of Agriculture foreign staff (Agrimoney) . This will mean an increase in 175m bags year this season, a record from the two countries. Expectations also show exports of 7.31m bags, which is also

The World’s Best Coffee is To Be Found in… Australia!


According to Cosimo Libardo, who is now CEO of Toby’s Estate Coffee, the world’s best coffee is Australian! “It’s a totally unique market that centres around the Specialty segment. It all began when consumers started demanding quality coffee, and even big businesses like McDonalds had to adapt. We have 64,000 establishments serving a population of 22 million. The model that has been developed