Month: October 2017

3 Steps to Manage Social Media For Your Coffee Business

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We all have our own profile on Social Media, be it Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. It’s nice to chat with friends and family and staying in touch with like-minded coffee people and other professionals around the globe. But, managing a business page on Facebook or a business account on Instagram is something totally different. There seem to be so many things to keep in mind that can be overwhelming. Especially

Experiments in Virtual Reality Barista Training

Experiments in Virtual Reality Barista Training

According to, once you have a coffee company, the necessary thing is the training of your employees and a considerable investment in it is important. No matter who is being trained, the staff in a company’s café or baristas, the equipment, space and time for the training is usually very expensive and demanding. Google’s Daydream Labs conducted an experiment trying to

Coffee Shop Bootcamp: A Journey In The Coffee Shops’ Experience


At the end of September, the very first Coffee Shop Bootcamp was run at the Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Campus in London. In planning the event, the team put a logical agenda that pulled on all their combined experience of working in their coffee/hospitality businesses and working with hundreds of different businesses every year. It took the Bootcampers along a journey from

The Restaurant of the Future In Hundreds of Events

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Always an essential appointment for anyone working in the catering industry, HostMilano looks at all the latest developments over the past two years with a packed calendar of events in 2017. Event hosts include APCI, the Professional Association of Italian Cooks, with “Obiettivo Apprendistato” (“Goal: Apprenticeship”), a training project promoted in partnership with AMPI (Italian Academy of Master Pastry-cooks), FIPE (Italian